Licensing My Music

If you wish to use some of my existing music for your commercial project, you must purchase a licence. Buying the track on the shop or being a Patron is not sufficient.

A commercial project would be a film, video game, movie trailer, musical, television or radio show, etc; anything that is being produced with the intention of making a profit. If this is you, please fill out the form below with sufficient details, including an estimate of your budget. I will email you back and we can discuss things further.

For non-commercial projects, which could be a school project, YouTube video (even if monetised), hobby, party playlist, podcast, etc; anything that is for non-profit, then you will need to check the description of the corresponding video on YouTube to determine whether you have permission to use that particular track, and under what conditions.

If you’re not sure whether the licence of a track is required for your project, play it safe and fill out the form below; we’ll work it out.

If you would like me to compose, arrange or produce something new for your project, then please use the form on the Commissions and Working For You page. If you have questions about the songwriting collaborations I offer on my Patreon page, please use the form on the Song Writing Collaborations page. If you would like to contact me for another reason, please use the form on the Contact Me and FAQ page.

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