Song Writing Collaborations

My Patreon page allows a very special reward for those who wish to support me at a higher level. Please read below for full details.


Would you like to write, produce and release a song with me, sharing 50% of all song sales for eternity? For US$3.75 per week or US$7.50 per week for a full year on my Patreon page, we can make this happen.

Please note, this is not for you if you want me to contribute something to one of your own songs, or to write/produce music for a specific project of yours, in which case you should contact me through the form on the Commissions and Working For You page. This is for you if you would like to work with me jointly over the course of a year in creating and releasing a song.

You might be a writer, a poet, a beginner singer-songwriter, or just a fan of music. I am happy to work in collaboration with anyone, as long as the style of the song is consistent with the style of music on my YouTube channel.

So how will it work? Over the course of 12 months, we’ll be in frequent contact through email, video link, phone calls (if cheap enough), or whatever else is easiest, for all stages of the process.

We’ll start by discussing ideas, working out what we want to do and how we want to do it. Then we’ll get to work on writing demo music and lyrics for the song, constantly sharing back and forth until we’re happy. In general, I’ll be in charge of the music and you will be in charge of the lyrics, but we can cross-share ideas if we want to. In the end, we will both be co-producers of the song, so we both need to be happy before we move on to the next stage.

Then, we’ll start looking for a singer (or singers) for the song. We’ll agree on who we like, and I will organise to contact the singer(s) and ask for their interest and availability (alternatively, the singer might be you). I will also organise for some musicians to record performances of the music (if applicable). It will be my responsibility to organise payment for the singer(s) and musicians. Only if you want a specific singer who is asking a tall price will you be required to contribute extra finances towards the song.

After all recording has finished, I will mix and master the song until we are both happy. I’ll then use this master in a preview of a previous song on my YouTube channel, and allow ourselves a couple of months to sit on it and make any last minute adjustments. We will then release the song together on the same date. I will offer the song for sale on my website, which will automatically send you 50% of all sales. You will do the same if you choose to sell the song on your own platforms.

So why are there two prices, $3.75 and $7.50? Songs take a varying length of time to finish, depending on their complexity. Because of this, I am offering these two prices.

For $3.75 per week, your song will be a simple song with a simple accompaniment. It will be less than 5 minutes, and feature lead vocals with any combination of the following; piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar, and at most one solo instrument (for example a flute, or a cello, etc). I will not be able to provide orchestration, choirs, drums, etc.

For $7.50 per week, I can do almost anything. Multiple vocalists, full orchestration, distorted guitars, drums, choirs, whatever the song may need.

If you already have an idea of what you would like to do, and don’t know which pricing structure is best, just fill out the form below and we can discuss it before you commit to anything.

So why will this cost a total of $195/$390 and take a whole year? Well, a few things. Firstly, the first $1 out of the $3.75/$7.50 you contribute on my Patreon page will go towards the continuous offering of downloads for my released music (including bonus content), which means you’re essentially paying me $2.75/$6.50 per week for this collaboration; an effective total of $143/$338. Secondly, this money will go towards paying for my time, and for paying the singer(s) and musicians. This is actually quite insufficient considering the time I’ll be putting in (which could be anywhere up to 10/40 hours), but this doesn’t bother me, as the point of this is to create something wonderful and hope that I’ll be reimbursed through song sales in the long-run. Thirdly, I’m doing many other things (including working another job), so my availability will be sporadic throughout the year, as will yours, so it seems sensible to commit to having everything finished sometime within 12 months of starting.

Note, you might be able to convince me to work with you for free, if you can offer me something in return. For example, you might offer your singing or musicianship for a future project of mine, or have access to a substantial fan base that can promise a good spread for the song. If you think you can convince me, fill out the form below and put your best case forward.

The most important thing to mention is that we will both be in control, working together to create something that we can be proud of. If you have any questions before committing to this, please fill in the form below.

Finally, upon starting this journey we will both need to agree on and sign a simple contract. We will do this over our usual communications. If you have any concerns, just enquire with the form below.

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